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On this day after the Iowa Caucuses, when the seers, media, and other talking heads (with apologies to the Talking Heads) try to divine the meaning of Obama and Huckabee victories... And I'm sorry, I just can't vote for Mike Huckabee as my President--I can't envision "President Huckabee".

Yes, on this day I choose to discuss another weighty matter--what's wrong with college football bowl games.  This isn't a post about the need for a playoff system (no matter how much order that would introduce into college football betting).  No, I have a more mundane issue--when did we give up any semblance of independence from corporate sponsorships?

I'll admit I'm a bit of a traditionalist on this.  I liked the Rose Bowl Pac 10-Big 10 (plus or minus) matchup just fine, thank you.  But I was willing to change with the times; it was kind of fun to talk about the Poulan Weedeater Citrus Bowl.

But this year, I saw few Oranges, Astro-Bluebonnets, Fiesta's, Sugar's or any other "independent" bowls.  Instead, it was the Outback Bowl, Insight Bowl, Emerald Bowl (apparently for the nut, not the color of SF Bay... of course, after that oil spill it wasn't emerald anyway).  There may have even been a dot-com bowl in there somewhere [wait! an infusion of capital! let's blow it on a bowl sponsorship!].

I say that this crass commercialism, together with the sheer number of games (there's probably a Web 2.0 company right now helping us organize them all for viewing), not to mention the lack of exciting play (for any but alumni) all points to a "jumping the shark" moment for college football.

Time to focus on lacrosse!


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