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So I just spent most of the last week in Florida. We were installing our wireless lighting controls system in a couple of warehouses. My job was to figure out how our product was working, and to train our lighting partners (one of my many hats). Since I'm one of the only people in America without a smartphone, and since I spent most of my waking hours in warehouses, I wasn't able to share the details of my trip in real time. So here, in 140-character bites, is a report on my trip.


Really off my travel game. Forgot my neck pillow, laptop charger, and a book to read.

Gate checked my bag (for free!); good thing since my overhead storage was given to the flight attendants.

New AA boarding order: First Class, Premiere Exec, Premiere, Priority Pay, then schlums like me.

Muhammed Ali signed glove: $2500. Jordan signed jersey: $2000 Guess Ali really is the greatest.

In-flight prices up ($6 for beer, $7 for cocktails); more options (chips etc.) to eat, all over-priced. Thanks, I'll stick with my deli san

AA.com painted on the wing tips.  How long until there's a Google ad there?

DFW Terminal D: wow, very nice! Back at Terminal A: yeah, not so much.

Could have taken earlier flight to Orlando, except Oh Yeah, I checked my bag. Now get to wait.

Like the Samsung lounge. TV, comfy chairs, dark wall treatments. It's like the Admiral's Club, but free and no booze.

"Welcome to Orlando, where the current temperature is… 30 degrees" Whaa?


Love the FL bilingualism. Constant stream of Spanish from the taxi driver, interspersed with "OK, 10-4".

Change of plans--going to Miami. And me without my Don Johnson linen jacket or Gucci loafers.


Travel tip: Florida is a whole lot of flat.

Cuban espresso at the Miami warehouse. Yumminess! And free too.

Knicks-Celtics.. awesome! Celtics' lack of defense made it exciting. Dear Spike Lee: Amare's shot didn't count. Better luck next time!

Boxes of Nortel gear in the warehouse. Guess all the assets haven't been divided yet.

Had to move pallets of wire and cable around so we could get the lift up to the lights. I have a promising career as a material handler.


It's 2AM and I'm working in an empty warehouse. Who said high-tech wasn't exciting?!

3:30 AM, checking into the hotel. If this takes any longer I'm going to sleep on the couch.

6:30 AM. Saw a guy dressed like a lawn jockey. Except he was real. And the hotel gardener.

Boots over pants or tights—definitely the style these days.

Brian is now a more experienced traveler than I am. He correctly predicted that my flight to SFO would be delayed 3 hours.

Nothing like ending the week with a three hour flight delay. Good thing the Christmas party was postponed.

One good thing about the CA storm—snow in Tahoe!

Dear people sampling the $40 bottles of rum: did you notice I'm flying domestically, and can't enter duty free to buy a bottle?

Tonight's dinner menu: bag of trail mix and a $7 mini-bottle of chardonnay. In a plastic cup. Yeah, you know why I fly!

Home sweet home! Off to bed, wake me in a day or two.


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