On the Road Again
Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas

It Takes a Big Man...

Stuff I Was Wrong About

  • WMD's
  • Iraq's political stability after the fall of Sadam Hussein
  • The integrity of a couple of executives
  • Enron's role in the California energy crisis
  • The staying power of South Park
  • The safety of the Space Shuttle
  • Bush=Gore
  • What was "juiced" in baseball
  • Where the fish would be hiding

Stuff I Was Right About

  • Multimedia and the timing of "voice-data convergence"
  • Al Davis' motivations
  • The .com bubble
  • The safety of the Space Shuttle
  • The RIAA's inability to prevent illegal music downloads
  • Joe Montana's touchdown pass to John Taylor in Super Bowl XXVII


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