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Because It's All About Me

Peabody here.  Sherman, set the way-back machine to 2002.  (If that reference makes no sense to you, go to; I'd insert the graphic but don't know if the copyright police are watching...)

Anyway, back to our story.  OK, my story.  As Chief Marketing Officer and Toilet Cleaner (another story; talk about "hands-on"!) at CGNET Services (, it's my job to figure out how to capitalize on whatever hair-brained ideas the technical folks dream up.  So one of them comes to me and tells me about these things called "blogs". Hmmm, talk about the Internet as a "narrowcast" medium!  "So let me get this, right," I say.  "Now I can publish my most personal, profound, mundane, and irrelevant thoughts for all to read on the Internet.  Who would possibly be interested in that?"  All I can think about is that blogging is the Internet equivalent of the crazy people I see in Union Square in San Francisco up on their soap boxes (does soap still come in boxes?) telling me to reform while I take visitors on a cable car ride.

Fast forward to the present (say goodbye, Sherman).  Now I'm managing Channel Marketing for iPass (  We've got hundreds of channel partners.  Sure would be nice to find a way to communicate with them, and (especially) their salespeople.  Hey, how about a blog?!  It didn't happen before Ieft iPass, which is too bad because I even had a cool name picked out:  "Channeling Success".  Go ahead and use it if you like it!

So now I'm back selling what I know best--me.  I've got a million stories, all of which will be published in due time and subject to my TypePad Terms of Service. (I once wanted to be a raconteur, just because I thought it was a cool word.)  You'll see my resume, which supports my contention that "I've forgotten more about Product Management than <fill in the blank> ever knew".  I'll entertain you with posts such as "three great management lessons of body-surfing" and why Forrest Gump is one of the best movies ever.

And the title of this (to quote Shakespeare) "sound and fury, signifying nothing" blog?  Here's the harder half of the story:  I like to cook, and was actually paid to do so at one point in my life.